Using the SIP construction system

SIPEUROPE’s SE-SIP construction system can solve a wide range of needs and its use is almost unlimited. Its versatility and variability can solve even the most challenging shapes. It is therefore ideal for dealing with atypical shapes of the building, where it also provides the absence of thermal bridges. The SE-SIP construction system can be implemented as a single construction system for the entire envelope of the building, or it may be combined with other construction systems.

With the SE-SIP construction system, we can solve the foundation of the building, external perimeter walls, interior partition walls, ceilings, flat and even sloping roofs. We can use it in the construction of houses, apartment buildings, administrative buildings, industrial buildings, schools and kindergartens, recreational facilities, cottages and houseboats. The SE-SIP construction system is an ideal solution for superstructures and extensions.

Construction process


SE-SIP panel is a lightweight building material and there are more possibilities of building foundations. The most commonly used method in our latitudes is the concrete slab foundation. Even during its construction, it saves the material as it will not need to handle such heavy load as in brick or concrete constructions.

The SE-SIP construction system allows the building foundations to be made also from panels. An alternative and unique solution for construction are foundations on screw piles. The construction of the foundation plate on screw piles for a detached house takes from 2 to 3 days and results in no devastation of land. A support structure of wooden or steel beams, on which SE-SIP 210mm panels are placed, is fitted on drilled screw piles. 

The unique application of the SIP’s construction system is in the case of houseboats. Panels placed on the pontoon make for quick and efficient foundations of the building.


A layer of waterproofing is applied to the fabricated foundation plate. After its application, the foundation springs are anchored to the foundation plate and form the base for the construction system. An embedded KVH element is fitted on the foundation spring to install the panels.

Construction of the perimeter walls begins from the corner of the building and continues around the perimeter. After their completion follows the installation of internal partition walls. Finally, wooden KVH elements are inserted in the mounting grooves from the top to support the panels with each other. The panels may contain a pre-prepared tunnel for wiring. All panels are marked and custom-made according to the project documentation, so the installation of the panels is very simple, fast and precise.


Between the perimeter walls and the interior partition walls, we make a ceiling structure for the construction of the floor. To create a ceiling structure, we have several solutions. The ceiling can consist of KVH, BSH ceiling elements, glued timber I-beams, SE-SIP panels or CLT. The suitability of the materials used depends on the static assessment of the project architect and the requirements of customers. On the floor constructed in this way, we begin to build perimeter walls and internal partition walls of the second floor.


SIP panels are an effective solution for the construction of sloping roofs with a residential attic. The SIP construction system essentially creates both a structural and an insulating element of the roof. The attic is therefore directly insulated with SIP panels and no additional application of insulation materials is required. The joints are straight and precise, so the interior has final base for the installation of gypsum or fibrous gypsum boards, which are applied directly to the panel.

SIP panel is also an ideal solution for flat roofs. As with both sloping and flat roofs, the panel is a structural as well as an insulating element of the roof. Its installation and application are very fast and saves a lot of additional work. From the inside, it is possible to install gypsum or fibrous gypsum boards directly to the panel. From the outside, EPS perimeter drains for water drainage and final waterproofing are applied.

Wide variability of final finishes

The SE-SIP construction system can be easily completed with a wide range of finishes from classic plaster to vented facades.

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