SIP Panel Buildings

By the term panel buildings, we understand construction on the basis of individual SE-SIP panels.

SIPEUROPE’s SE-SIP construction system consists of individual pre-constructed and marked panels. The installation of panels is carried out based on the prepared installation project, which is part of each individual construction of the building.

The method of individual construction from SE-SIP panels enables construction under any conditions. The SE-SIP panel is lightweight (approx. 22 kg/m2) and therefore heavy construction machines are not required to handle it. On a building site, two construction workers can easily handle the panel.

This allows the customer to build even in hard-to-reach places, where it is not possible to use construction machines. It is ideal for superstructures and extensions, where the original construction would not be able to bear traditional construction systems such as masonry or concrete. It can also be used for structures on water such as houseboats.

Installation of individual SE-SIP panels is very simple, fast and precise. Only 3 – 4 trained assembly workers are needed for the installation of SE-SIP panels. (Learn more about training here)

The insulation core is solid and stable even after decades. Therefore, there is no sloping or moisture, which can be a common problem of conventional frame structures in case of poor application.

The use of individual SE-SIP panels thus brings many advantages for both contractors, architects, and users. (Learn more about advantages here)

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